JRA Approach

Senior-level Project Management

  • Personal Professional Service.
  • Experience-driven work.
  • Find the best solution for clients.
  • Sometimes, not doing research is best course!
  • Driven by a passion to solve client problems, not to showcase methodology, nor to just fulfill revenue targets.

High-quality Fieldwork

  • Data Collection via Internet and Telephone
  • Fieldwork accomplished by trusted high-quality providers
  • Trained to meet our standards

Advanced Analytics

  • Full spectrum of experience with data and techniques.
  • We do our own advanced analytics.
  • State of the art (beyond standard, cutting-edge).
  • Methodologies expertise of industry-leading standards.
  • Often pioneers of new techniques

JRA Offerings Overview

Advanced ATU

  • Structured to provide innovative insights — more than just data reporting
  • Blending of multiple data sources when available
  • Focus on ability to implement the insights

Custom Research

  • Projects that do not easily fit a category
  • Innovative solutions to address specific business needs
  • Blending various techniques, different kinds of data, etc.


  • Physician or Patient
  • Not bound by a canned approach — explore multiple analyses techniques — advanced analytics are merely tools, not a panacea
  • Extremely implementable — whether in the US or ex-US

Complex Choice Modeling

  • Pioneers in adding patient profiles
  • Blending hypothetical and real patient profiles
  • Highly implementable

Innovative Proprietary Research Approaches

  • Number of innovative offerings on improving marketing and sales productivity
  • Please contact us to learn about these new approaches

Event Assessment

  • Test-control experiments
  • Predicting share shifts via a clear experimental design
  • Extremely useful for new products or indications

Sales Communications Testing

  • Message Testing/Visual aid testing
  • Custom made superior approaches that fit your market/therapy

Secondary Data Analysis

  • Analysis of prescription or patient level data from secondary sources
  • Expertise in teasing out innovative hypothesis and surprising insights

Sales Force and Marketing Planning & Implementation

  • Segmentation (using secondary data alone OR secondary + primary data)
  • Sample Optimization
  • Promotion Mix Optimization
  • Sales Force Size & Structure
  • Call Planning
  • Incentive Compensation Design

Performance Tracking

  • Promotional ROI measurement through test-control analysis
  • Promotion Response Analysis using advanced regression techniques
  • Performance tracking reports using prescription data

Patient Data Analytics

  • Measuring Adherence (Persistence & Compliance)
  • Referral Pattern Analysis and identification of thought leaders
  • Patient Flow Analysis (Treatment Pathways)
  • Use of Patient Data in physician level analysis

Managed Care Analytics

  • Measuring Managed Care Access and Control Metrics
  • Managed Care Contracting ROI
  • Trade-off between Managed Care Contracting and Sales Force Effort
  • Use of Managed Care Data in Prescriber level analysis

Custom Patient Research

  • Full capabilities for conducting patient research in the US and globally

Anything else

  • "Can do" attitude
  • Problem-solving partners for clients (Market Research, Marketing, & Sales teams)

Why Jegan Research Associates

  • Industry Experience
  • Analytical Excellence & Beyond
  • Help clients Answer: "What do I do on Monday morning?"
  • High-quality, Medium-price: Best value for your budget

JRA Best Practices

  • Client responsiveness.
  • "Can do" attitude.
  • High quality analysis and service.
  • Three views: Forest, Trees, Leaves.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Help solve client problems.

    • Not just sell projects
    • Not just data reporting